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Overview of UVLED screen printing ink.


UVLED screen printing has the characteristics of thick ink layer, rich graphic layers, strong three-dimensional sense, wide printing materials, etc., and the application of high-end tobacco and alcohol, food packaging cartons has gradually increased. The effect of printing scrub, refraction, ice, wrinkles and so on on the cigarette box greatly stimulates the desire of consumers to buy.

However, due to the low printing speed, slow ink curing speed, difficult to control printing quality, and large consumption of printing materials, the flat UVLED screen printing method cannot meet the needs of cigarette carton scale and mass production. The use of high-speed rotary screen printing production line, printing speed, high productivity, stable printing quality, low consumption, change the traditional flat screen printing, manual paper supply, ink supply, suitable for high-speed automatic, large-scale mass production of exquisite folding carton.

Web rotary UVLED screen printing uses a nickel metal round screen plate, built-in ink scraper and automatic ink supply system. The scraper transfers printing ink from the round screen plate to the substrate surface supported by the impression cylinder. The whole printing process from paper feed, ink supply, color registration, UV dry bath, etc. are fully controlled by the computer.

Round UVLED screen printing plate adopts 100% nickel non-woven material, electroforming its mesh is hexagonal wire hole, the whole mesh surface is smooth and thin, to ensure the stability and precision of imprinting. Suitable for large format rotary printing, the maximum speed can reach 125m/min, the screen can be reused 15 times. Therefore, web rotary UVLED screen printing can not only meet the requirements of printing scrub, ice and other special effects, but also online hot printing holographic anti-counterfeiting logo, embossing, die-cutting molding, easy to achieve high-speed automatic printing of paper boxes.

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