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What are the characteristics of UV ink printing?


UV is the abbreviation of the English "Ultraviolet Rays", the Chinese translation is "ultraviolet", the so-called UV ink, is the cross-linked polymerization reaction by ultraviolet irradiation, can instantly cure into a film of ink. Whether it is flexo printing, offset printing, gravure, screen printing can use UV ink, which is relatively widely used in offset printing, flexo printing and screen printing. The use of UV ink printing has the following characteristics:

Health and environmental protection. UV ink does not use solvents, printing and drying process almost no emissions of pollutants, there is no need to spray and other links. The workshop dust pollution is reduced, the printing environment is improved, and the physical damage to the operator is reduced to a minimum, compared with traditional solvent-based oil-based inks. It is a kind of healthy and environmentally friendly ink, especially suitable for food hygiene packaging and environmentally friendly printing products.

Printing performance is good, the quality is stable. UV ink particles are fine, high concentration, stable physical properties, although the amount of ink used in printing is very small, but the dot is still fine, the ink color is mellow, uniform, bright, high gloss, UV ink print friction resistance, water resistance, heat resistance are higher than ordinary ink printing products.

Printing ink drying time is short, low energy consumption. UV ink drying speed is calculated in seconds or even a few tenths of a second. Do not need to go through the ordinary offset printing ink powder link, can be stacked immediately after printing, can also be immediately after the process processing, printing clean and tidy, can save time and cost, but also improve production efficiency.

Wider print load pattern. Due to the good adhesion of UV ink, the printing load pattern is wider. Many non-absorbent materials can be printed with UV ink, and the effect is more ideal, such as printing materials with aluminum foil layer on the surface of gold and silver cardboard or plastic non-absorbent printing materials, UV ink printing performance is significantly better than ordinary ink.