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The function of Air Dry ABS Direct Printing Screen Printing Ink


Air Dry ABS Direct Printing Screen Printing Ink refers to an ink or pigment that is used to print directly on ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene) plastic surfaces and dries naturally (without heating or using special equipment). This printing ink may be designed for screen printing applications, which is a technique of printing by using a grid or screen on the surface of an object.

Here are the possible uses of this type of ink:

Suitable for ABS plastic: ABS is a common plastic material widely used in 3D printing, injection molding and other manufacturing processes. This type of ink is specifically designed to provide good adhesion and printing results on ABS surfaces.

Direct printing: This ink may allow printing directly onto ABS plastic without additional surface preparation. This reduces process complexity.

Natural air drying: Compared with some inks that require heating or the use of special equipment, this ink may be cured and dried by natural air drying. This simplifies the process and improves ease of operation.

Durability and Adhesion: Air Dry ABS Direct Printing Screen Printing Ink has good adhesion to the ABS plastic surface to ensure the printed pattern is long-lasting and not easy to peel or wear off.

Color Options: This ink may be available in a variety of color options to meet different printing needs and design requirements.

Environmentally Friendly: Air Dry ABS Direct Printing Screen Printing Ink is designed to be environmentally friendly, does not contain harmful substances, and complies with environmental standards.

It is important to note that specific product performance characteristics may vary by manufacturer and product formulation. Before using any printing ink, it is best to check the manufacturer's instructions to ensure proper use and optimal printing results.

Air Dry ABS Direct Printing Screen Printing Ink
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